Hugh John
Gender: Male
Age: 8 years old
Born: September 25, 2020
Hometown: Chicago
Nationality: Brazilian


Other Information
Height: TBA
Family and Friends
Parents: CeCe (possible mother)

Dexter (father)

Siblings: TBA
Grandparents: Georgia (possible maternal grandmother)

J.J (possible maternal grandfather)
Patty (paternal grandmother)
Marc (paternal grandfather)

Pets: A apricot labradoodle called "Flynn"
Other Relatives: Flynn (possible maternal uncle)

Bruno (paternal uncle)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Tara Strong (English-speaking countries)

Fernanda Ribeiro (Brazil)
Maggie Vera (Latin America)
Raquel Strada (Portugal)
Barbara Lourenço (singing voice on Portugal)
Paloma Blanco (Spain)
Nathan Favalli (Italy)
Zsigmond Tamara (Hungary)
Alina Leonte (Romania)
Michaela Hanudelová (Slovakia)

Hugh John is CeCe and Dexter's future son and Luthise's future boyfriend.


Hugh John is a cute 8-year-old who has light skin, reddish brown hair and blackish brown eyes. He wears a pacific blue shirt, mustard-colored overalls over it and white sneakers with black socks. He is faintly similar to Dexter when younger, despite the fact they aren’t biologically related (although his nose is a bit smaller and slightly more rounded, his eyes are wider and almond-shaped, his ears are bigger and sharper and his face shape is a bit different). According to his relatives, he is considered taller and slimmer than normal by his schoolmates.


Hugh John is a creative, mischievous, funny, crazy, greedy, street-smart and indecisive but carefree eight-year-old boy who sometimes can't decide what to do first. Like, when he's on the beach and doesn't know if he practices water-skiing or rears a kite, he ties the kite string around his waist and skis in the water while he sees his kite up in the skies! On hot Summer days, when he's hot and bored, he likes to walk in the park with daddy and do interesting things like blowing soap bubbles, canoeing on the lake, eating cotton candy, watching a good musical show and, in the end of the day, watching a beautiful sunset from a privileged place. He enjoys playing games, all kinds of arts and crafts, karate, robots, journalism, bacon and energy drinks, besides having an enormous affection for all his friends, always wanting to meet them to have a great and fun picnic. Just like his father, he hates and fears a lot of things and loves talking to himself sometimes.


  • Hugh John has asperger syndrome just like his father and has dyslexia just like his possible mother.
  • He knows Henry and calls him "Academic Dork".
  • He struggles in school and is not very studious.
  • He loves labradoodles so much.
  • He is a Thunderbolt Boy.
  • According to his dad, his voice sounds a lot like his uncle Bruno's, but without a Brazilian accent.