Isaac Spark
Gender: Male
Age: 15 or 16 years-old
Born: August 7
Hometown: Unknown
Nationality: American
Occupation: Travelling con artist (formerly)

Student in the Magic School from the Southeast

Other Information
Height: 6 ft. 0 in. (182 cm)
Hair: Mahogany
Eyes: Pale goldish brown
Magic Aura: Glowing tones of copper
Family and Friends
Parents: Unnamed mother and father
Siblings: Buck (younger brother)

Mackenzie (older sister)

Friends: Kaylee and Nico
Love Interests: Khanna (possibly; one-sided)
Pets: Unknown
Other Relatives: A lot of unnamed uncles and aunts
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Jeremy Shada (English-speaking countries)

Vinny Takahashi (Brazil)
Raphael Oliveira (singing voice on Brazil)
Peter Michael (Portugal)
Eleazar Gómez (Latin America)
Miguel Ríus (Spain)
Paolo de Santis (Italy)
Dirk Petrick (Germany)
Victor Peeters (Netherlands)
Magyar Bálint (Hungary)
Tomasz Steciuk (Poland)

Isaac Tristan Spark is Kaylee and Nico's Magic School from the Southeast's classmate and possibly will be MLT's brand new original character sometime soon.


Isaac always knows some kind of way to all sorts of adventures! Being often competitive and arrogant, he sees himself as being an attractive, smooth and muscular heartthrob, but he is nothing more than a overconfident brat with special powers. Before getting accepted in the Magic School from the Southeast, he spent his time in the streets taking advantage of ingenuous citizens by challenging them to a magical face-off and, while saying he can do almost everything, cheating to win. When he arrives in San Francisco to visit Kaylee and Nico, he acts like a playful and harmless guy, but is very rude to other people. But after it is discovered that he acted like that to not suffer bullying from the cool kids, he returns to his nice, but cocky, personality. He’s also too careless with his powers and hardly cares about the people who end up being his victims. Even though he rarely bounds with people due to his behaviour, he's loyal to the people he cares. He seems to have a slightly evil side who takes his body when he gains possession of something powerful and magical who is far beyond the magic abilities he owns. Usually these powerful things end up morphing him into a magical pony-like creature against his will and, to further demonstrate his weakness around these things, during the transformations he is shown shedding tears.

He was sexually abused by both his father and mother, who constantly jerked him off, leading him to become obsessed with jerking off. He usually sexually assaults people when he's alone with them.


Isaac is a tall and lanky teenager with mahogany-coloured hair, apricot skin and pale brown eyes. He's usually seen wearing a jacket with the Magic School from the Southeast logo over a dark silver long-sleeved shirt, his trademark yellowish orange skinny pants and black shoes.

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