Melanie Ringelheim
Gender: Female
Age: 14 years-old
Born: 2000
Hometown: Quebéc

San Francisco

Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Student
Other Information
Height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gray
Family and Friends
Parents: Mother and Father
Siblings: Kyle (older brother)
Children: N/A
Friends: Everyone except enemies
Love Interests: N/A
Pets: N/A
Other Relatives: Dallas (brother-in-law)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Michelle Creber (English-speaking countries)

Ana Elena (Brazil)
Luiza Porto (singing voice on Brazil)
Melissa Gedeón (Latin America)
Yolanda Gispert (Spain)
Anna Orra (singing voice on Spain)
Emanuela Pacotto (Italy)
Katrine Iven Strømsted (Denmark)
Weronika Łukaszewska (Poland)
Tamara Roman (Romania)
Anastasiya Sokolova (Russia)

About herEdit

Mélanie is a cumbersome and politicized 14-year-old who has a strong impact over people and only can see the good side of people. Edgy, quirky and somewhat awkward, her witty sense of humour causes all kinds of hilarious moments to happen. She decided to leave southeastern Quebéc looking for opportunities and, for this to become reality, moved to San Francisco to live with her older brother Kyle and his long-time boyfriend Dallas. Surprisingly charismatic and pleasant, she's used to getting things the easy way, but she wants to show everyone that she is not just that poor, pitiful blind girl who cannot do anything without someone's help. Also being freakishly intelligent, she somehow manages to be scatterbrained and gullible in the worst moments, yet at the end she still is a good choice for a friend. She sometimes shows some signs of narcissism and often fantasizes about everyone adoring her and loves to receive compliments about her appearance. Despite being reasonably lean, she has a somewhat unhealthy obsession on fast food and sweets and has self-esteem problems due to her blindness (even though she seems to have a lot of physical strength and has great reflexes), making her unable from befriending people and getting boyfriends. However, she knows how to use her looks and talents when she wants to help somebody.

She nutters an secretly and forbidden love for her brother, and once hired a professional assassin to kill Dallas, but the plan ultimately failed when the assassin was killed when one of his targets reacted and shot him with his own pistol.

Physical appearanceEdit

She is a tall and reasonably slender Native Canadian descendant with olive-coloured skin, long black hair in a French braid and gray eyes. She wears a light brown tank top, a pale blue bolero with medium-length sleeves, plum-coloured shorts at knee length, pale blue leg-warmers and a pair of brown Mary Jane shoes over short pale blue socks.