Ricky Tachibana-Moon
Ricky's Low Quality Design
Gender: Male
Age: 13 years-old
Born: 2016
Hometown: San Francisco
Nationality: American


Occupation: Student
Other Information
Height: 5 ft. 9 in. (175 cm)
Family and Friends
Parents: Mori (mother)

Zane (father)

Friends: Everyone except enemies
Love Interests: N/A
Pets: A unnamed blue-and-green cat
Other Relatives: Glen (maternal grandfather)

Yuki (maternal grandmother)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Tabitha St. Germain (English-speaking countries)

Bence Penke (Hungary)
Jacek Kopczyński (Poland)

Richard Tachibana-Moon or just Ricky is Mori and Zane's future son.

About himEdit

Ricky is a mischievous, overexcited, hyperactive, amusing and sly trickster who’s known to have dippy and maniacal actions and enjoys causing mayhem and strife for his own amusement. Scatterbrained, unintelligent and a complete screwball, he likes chatting around, never listens to anyone, dreams of being part of a real circle of friends and is often with his head in the clouds, besides having a distinct personality and often making jokes, no matter how serious the danger he is in. He is also extremely forgetful, but, nevertheless, is also kind and protective of those he loves. Although he occasionally tries to avoid conflicts with any type of person, when somebody he hates bothers him too much, he will use his mocking behaviour to get his revenge while noting “how little intelligent” they are compared to him. He likes to laugh and has fun disturbing people's heads saying exactly what he has in mind, plus being described by everyone as being a slacker. Like Zane, he is somewhat good in magic and thinks that casting spells is the only way of making things better. He is good at sports but unfortunately his distraught manners and exaggerated enthusiasm causes his focus to vanish, making him look foolish.

Physical appearanceEdit

Ricky is a tall and slender but somewhat muscular 13-year-old with pale yellowish skin, narrow greyish blue eyes and spiky bluish black hair shaved at the sides with a tricoloured (fluorescent orange, neon green and sky blue) streak on it. He is usually wearing a tight fluorescent orange v-neck shirt, bright yellow suspenders, fuchsia-coloured denim trousers and neon green high-top shoes with blue laces and soles. He also wears blue, fuchsia and neon green wristbands, has his headphones lying around his neck and occasionally is seen wearing a neon green leather jacket.

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