File:Children of the Night
  • His theme song is the fanmade MLP:FiM's song called "Children of the Night", song who also was the inspiration for his backstory.
  • He is allergic to garlic and eggs.
  • When hurt enough, he can heal himself by changing his appearance by casting a hard spell but he only does it in extreme situations.
  • He hates wearing clothes that shows his muscles too much.
  • He seems to like giving people suggestions on how their future is going to look like, in addition to encouraging those around him to enjoy life instead of just observing what is occurring.
  • He attacks or strike people and/or objects when upset, angry or just plain bored.
  • He is unable to answer romantic advances even though sometimes he behaves more mature around situations involving romance.
  • He is a vegetarian since he was 10, after an incident with a horror film involving a butcher who eviscerates people.
  • Before being banned from his time, his powers were significantly weakened but, if he succeeds reaching his former level in sorcery, he may be able to return to his people.
  • The P. on his full name can either mean both Prescott and Paolo, depending on the story he participates.
  • According to himself, he is a great cellist and knows how to play the cello and the fiddle.
  • When part of his magic is drained off, his hair gets lank and lusterless. The same happens with most wizards.
  • His car bears some resemblance to a 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8.
  • Despite being a good-hearted person, he would even sexually molest anybody who crosses his path to do justice.
  • Despite many girls having a crush on him due to his charming, affectionate and protective behaviour around his friends, he does not believe in true love.
    • However, he's starting to believe on it due to his unconditional love for Mori.